Estate Moves


Estate Moving Services in San Diego

Moving can be stressful, especially for seniors and their loved ones. Craters & Freighters San Diego specializes in estate moves. We coordinate all the details associated with a move to another home, a retirement community, an independent senior living setting, assisted living, or a long-term care community.

Only the Services You Need

We offer the full spectrum of estate and senior moving services, but allow you to select only the services you need to ensure a stress-free and cost-effective move. If there is a specialized service that is not one of our standard offerings, we can probably meet that need as well.

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Our Proven Estate Move Process

To make your move successful, first we assess what items you need to transport to determine whether any of them will require cushioning, special wrapping, a corrugated box, or a custom crate.

Then we prepare a detailed inventory of every item and the delivery location for each, since in many cases there are multiple delivery addresses.

Next, we pick up all of the items being moved and and ensure that each is securely packed for safe, damage-free delivery.

We then deliver or ship your belongings wherever you need them, domestically or internationally. In addition, our white-glove delivery service can include unpacking and setup if needed.

From pickup through delivery, we can provide insurance for your items to give you total peace of mind.

4 Key Components of Estate Moving Services

Craters & Freighters specializes in estate moves, which means we take care of all the details:

  • Determining your service needs
  • Picking up your household items
  • Preparing your items for safe and secure moving and shipping
  • Delivering your household items

In the end, we deliver your items but also valuable peace of mind.


Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters San Diego.

All you need to do is provide your shipping goals and requirements to our team; we’ll take care of the rest. One of our seasoned engineers will be able to give you an accurate, customized estimate that you can count on. If you don’t think we can handle your shipment, call us anyway. We’ll head to you and see if we can put together a plan everyone is satisfied with.

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