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Aside from custom crates, pallets & logistic coordinating, Craters & Freighters also offers specialty packaging services, such as Hazardous Materials & Military Specification Packaging.

Our Mil-Spec Packaging Division offers an array of packaging solutions that are catered to your contract requirements.

Craters & Freighters, over the years has gained great experience in packaging a variety of parts sold to the Department of Defense. We have packed parts as small as grommets, and cables to as large as air compressors & breathing systems.

We predominantly package according to either the Department of Defense Standard Practice for Military Packaging i.e. Mil-STD 2073 or the American Testing & Materials Standards i.e. ASTM. Although we do have a library full of packaging specifications, in which we are fluent with interpreting to be in compliance with any DOD contract.

Our Mil-Spec department has the capabilities to pack the following methods: GX, ZZ, CP, 10, 20, 31, 41, 51, DLR & ESD just to name a few.

Craters & Freighters also has the capabilities to manufacture custom pallets & D-6251 crates. All of which are ISPM 15 stamped that are compliant with the Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade.

We also specialize in labels sets that comply with Mil- STD 129, 2D barcoding requirements as well as Mil-STD 130, UID marking.

Craters & Freighters is a Defense Contract Management Agency i.e. DCMA approved packaging house.  We are also Alternate Release Procedure i.e. ARP approved.

Our staff is trained and up to date on the most current WAWF, VSM & SIR government web tools to help facilitate the shipment to the end user.

Our Mil-Spec Packaging Division’s goal is to accommodate your contract packaging needs however you see fit.

Excellent Service at Optimal Price

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