Packaging, Crating & Shipping Testimonials San Diego

"5 stars all the way. Thank you for your help Matt this is the fourth time I have used this company to ship from California to Florida and they have never let me down always first class service at the best price with the best crating and packing anywhere. Matt tell your boss I said to give you a big raise you earned it. Thank you again Chuck."

I wanted to let you know that I was extremely impressed with how well the art piece was not only crated but cared for and protected inside!  Thank you to your company and I would give you and your crew recommendations to anyone who needs product crated and transported!  I hope you share these words with your staff.  It was beyond my expectations."
Thanks again,
Chris Nichols

"Hi Matt,
I got my chandelier today, just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of everything. I was very impressed with the way it was packed and the container was amazing.  Please tell everyone involved it was the best I've ever seen anything packaged for shipping."

"Keith and Brenda - Provided quick and clear quote. Customer service helpful with questions. Impressed with careful and professional packing (antique glass in doors and marble topped) Shipped cross country to Huntsville, AL. Very satisfied and would use again."


Sherri Forrester

"Hi Keith,
Thanks for getting those 3 crates to us so quickly, it’s very much appreciated.
Great team you have over there."
Alan Fullarton

"Good Morning Brad,
We appreciate the great job you did in getting the material to Norfolk on short notice. Craters and Freighters has exceeded expectations and provided superior customer service.
Thanks again."

"Brad, thanks for checking-in.  Mike did an outstanding job!  The crates were the perfect fit, also.  I appreciate your efforts to help make this a success.
Enjoy your weekend, also!"

"Thanks for all your help Brad. You and your team have done an outstanding job, and have come through for us on many occasions, and we do appreciate it greatly."

Sean Baker

"Good Afternoon, Keith:
Thank you for supporting our Jordan project across so many years and months.  We have successfully shipped all the material, as of this morning!  Please, share with your entire team my sincerely “Thanks” for their prompt, professional, courteous support at our facilities.  If there are any outstanding balances, then please forward them to me a.s.a.p.  I will be on vacation next week, but I will contact whomever I need within my organization during that period to ensure your payment(s) are processed.
Have a great weekend."
Ronald Thomas

"Matt and Craters and Freighters Team,

We wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service in packaging and shipping our client's art last week.

Your team is prompt, kind and very helpful!

We will keep your company in mind next time we have a move to do.

Take care!"

The Carly and Co Team, Carly, Meghan, Jessica, Cathy
Interior Design

"hi you guys. I just wanted you to know I got the shipment and it is in perfect shape. you guys packed that to within an inch of its life!!! thanks for such great service. I really appreciate it. I will use you again."

"Hi, Matt,
Just wanted to let you know that the freight from the Celebration gallery arrived this week in good shape. I just wanted to take a minute to complement the excellent job you guys did to protect our artwork.
Well Done!!"
Jim Rice, CFO

"HI Keith.
Thanks for all the services you provided. Your team did awesome job."
Ernesto Salazar

"Sally – I have been a collector for many years. This means I get things on a regular basis – big, little, fragile, etc. It has often been the case that I have followed up with the shipper concerning a piece coming damaged, or poorly packed, or something. This is the first time that I have been so impressed that I am following up with praise. Please pass along to your folks that the crate with the horned lady and the wall plaque was the best packing job I have ever seen. Very very strong performance. THANKS – Karl"
Karl Kempf, PhD
Intel Senior Fellow, Director of Decision Engineering, Intel Corporation

"Attention Brad Hermanns,,,
Hey Brad this is Sally Weiler,I just want to let you know the machine was
delivered wed.& my husband finally got it in our garage today,I want you to
know how impressed we were on how you had it packed in the crate it looks so
profesional,thank you so much I'm definitely going to recommend  your
business to all my family and friends.please keep in mind if you ever in
Raleigh Durham area to give us a call, thanks again"


My crate showed up today... Undamaged and unscratched. I have disassembled the crate but have not opened the flight case because I need at least one more man to help me. I am very impressed with the packing job. Thanks for following my request to screw the crate together. It was easy to open and to disassemble and stack the panels. Thanks to Craters & Freighters, The Moody Blues" Mark II Mellotron appears to have arrived safely.

Nice Job!


Frank Stickle


"Hi. You guys are great. My desk arrived a short time ago and was in one piece! Awesome packing...the box is so big, it's like another room in my condo. :) Thank you. I already recommended Craters and Freighters to another teacher here in Massachusetts."


"Craters & Freighters of San Diego moved, packed, stored and shipped my entire home to Australia. Additionally, Keith Blum coordinated, packed, crated, shipped and arranged for my 2 ton aviary to be moved across the US, so our macaw could step off the plane into his familiar home. For my Australia move, Keith oversaw the appropriate handling of contents that were irreplaceable first-hand, packaging them to ensure they arrived safely. The personable service provided by Keith's team was unparalleled. So, if your "nervous" about moving, need a bit of reassurance and a bit of hand-holding use this company. You will not be disappointed. And, I strongly recommend having them coordinate both ends of your move if possible, to ensure the same quality of service.

Craters & Freighters of San Diego does business the old way, proving a personal level of communication that makes you feel like you are working together. Remarkable service in this day and age. Use them if you care about your piece of mind while moving."

Amanda Edwards, DVM

"Just a little note to let you and your staff know happy i am that i chose you guys to care for my car. The way it was crated was beyond my expectations. you all to great care that my 1929 dodge arrived safe and with out any damage. Look forward to doing business again.

Thanks bob glynn (Rusted Nut Hot rods and Racing)"

Art & Antique

"Hi Brad and Matt,

Just to let you know the USS Constitution arrived safely and my customer was very pleased with the ship itself and the packing!


I just wanted to say "thank you" and if I can ever part with any other delicate and expensive sailing ships, I will come to your company for my packing and shipping needs!

Best Regards....Cameron DeMarco


I realize that this is very late but I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the way Craters and Freighters handled the packing and shipping of my parent's estate to me.

These were all things that might not have much value to anyone else, but to me they are all I have left to remember my parents by. Your crew took such great care to wrap each piece of glass, ceramics and art like it was their own. I was especially impressed with the china and crystal packing, the large picture that came in its own box and of course the care with which the Oriental buffet had been crated. All items arrived in pristine condition and in the time frame given.

From the first contact my husband had with you through your estimate and all my dealings with you it was a pleasure doing business with you. You made a very difficult time so much easier because of the confidence you gave that all would be handled in a most professional manner. There was no time were flexible as to the the number of items and when I needed to have things picked up you were ready on very short notice. The estimate you gave for all this was fair at the onset and came in higher than the final tally...another thing that impressed.

Please feel free to use me as a referral to recommend your company. Again, I hope that a compliment can never arrive too late.

Again, I offer you my sincere thanks.

I hope you and your staff had a wonderful holiday and I wish you a very successful New Year."

Maureen Neagle

October 12, 2010

The Bashford House Marble Urn was picked up by Matt, Brad, and Andy from Craters & Freighters of Lemon Grove. For an item so large and heavy that I couldn't budge it an inch, they skillfully turned it upside-down and palletized it. It will be further professionally crated at their warehouse prior to being transported to the Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott.

These are talented movers, and great guys.



The shipment arrived from San Diego on Friday. Everything looks great. The crate itself was amazing, and so was the way everything was so well packed and wrapped.

As you could guess, I was pretty anxious about this shipment. That's because both my mother and Jeanne's mother had had disastrous results with shipping fine arts. But your work was all you said it would be. Carefully and thoroughly done, well packed, well handled and delivered quickly. Plus, the driver of the truck from R&L was considerate and very helpful.

Thank you very much for all your good work on our behalf."



My family needed to ship a fragile antique china hutch to Louisiana from San Diego. I found you guys on-line and had my dad (H.Hill) sign you up. The hutch arrived in LA this week and my sister was over-whelmed with the quality of the crate and packaging, needless to say the hutch is in perfect shape!"

Thanks for everything!!

B. Hill


The dollhouse arrived this afternoon. I want to commend your company and employees for the excellent job. As I stated earlier, the men that picked up the dollhouse were wonderful, and I see that the professional and friendly attitude is not limited to them. You were great with explaining how this would work and the reasonable fee for crating and freighting. The people responsible for crating up the table and dollhouse itself could not have done a better job protecting this family heirloom for me. I am so impressed with the precautions taken to ensure that it arrived safely and securely and so well protected that it arrived in the exact condition that it was picked up in. I am completely satisfied and impressed with Craters and Freighters and have and will continue to recommend your services. Thank you again for taking such excellent care of this family treasure for me."



Commercial & Industrial

"Keith Blum- You did a great job on this last shipment- The customer was really pleased with the quality of your packaging, and your help at getting it air shipped from your facility as promised was a terrific help-"

Thanks -Randy Wells'

"Dear Keith:

Each time a customer is happily served by serious providers of valued services, it is widely acknowledged that this counts for a likely return of the client to the source of good service.

We have come to Craters & Freighters, and your colleagues in Detroit for the preparation and shipment of HHG on three moves, so I guess that makes us a 3-star winner, and makes you a consistent 5-star Performer!

Pick-ups for moves of over 2000 miles were handled promptly and diligently, as was a considerable shorter distance, and pleasant movers sustained cheerful and outgoing dispositions in spite of the rigorous labor required, whether they were serving at the beginning or end of long days.

This is not our last move, either of HHG from Michigan, and later again within CA, as we hope to design and build our own home. You can be assured that we will be calling on Craters & Freighters to do the heavy lifting."


Ken and Pat Yoder
Encinitas, CA

"Roy:   Your driver just picked up my shipment.  He was extremely professional and courteous during the entire process.

Is there a time window when my box  will arrive in Walnut Creek?    

Pls let me know so I can tell Doug Wilson.

THANKS AGAIN for your help!"

Jack Redman

"Hi Matt-

Yesterday was SO hectic I did not get the time to type out this e-mail.

I just wanted to sincerely thank you and you staff for the wonderful service you gave to us yesterday.

You and your staff truly went above and beyond the normal level of customer service one can expect and we truly appreciate it.

I have not processed the invoice you sent over; because I am sure we owe you some extra for the extra trip when you have a chance please let me know what we owe you.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you again!"

Kind Regards,
Amber Vallejo

"I just wanted to say 'kudos' for the exceptional job Craters and Freighters did on securing the 3' x 6' oil painting that arrived in Seattle from San Diego.  You did a superb job!  
The painting arrived perfectly intact (even with glitter applied on the surface of portions of the painting) .  For me, a condo dweller, the best part was that I could very easily open the crate with a simple 5" ratchet/Phillips head screwdriver, and 10 minutes of my time.  All screws were driven at 90 degrees, and - no twists or stripped heads on any wood screw meant hassle-free uncrating.  
Thanks again for a job well done.  I will definitely recommend Craters and Freighters to my artist friends and all others in need of safe, secure and timely shipping."
Catherine Martinez
Seattle, WA

Wow, best ever crating job. All pieces are perfect after traveling half-way across the USA! I will be proud to reuse these crates when I resell and ship these units. Many thanks!!!"
Don Settergren

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